May. 13th, 2009

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but I still haven't gotten about to writing down about the event. You can shoot me later or just IM me if you are dying to know. :-D
Yesterday I had a brand new experience. I swam in waterfalls. I learned to swim about kindergarten age at the local pool, about half a mile from out house. I've never been a form swimmer per say. I know how to do it but I tend to toss it out the window and just move, Especially if I'm swimming in lakes or the like.
Yesterday on phase two of the 'Nise is in NC plan we went off to see some waterfalls. Trent drove us about for an hour through tunnels and up mountains, (We sang in the tunnels out the window while driving to hear the acoustics) with a picnic lunch in tow. I saw so many mountains... then he plunged off the main roads on this gravel track up one mountain where rocks were falling onto the road and over creek fjords. Trent fed our anxiety about running out of gas (he was on E when we pulled up and stopped) then we piled out of the car and down a trail through the Hawthorns and blackberry brambles. Nearly there but still mostly out of site I could hear the roar and smell the water. Trent kept insisting Hannah and I not look just yet. Then we climbed downward over a bridge and down a set of steep steep stair. The fall was breathtaking. Wedged between two pinky red rocks carpeted with verdant moss was a silver white shimmer of water. The pool underneath was deep, colored blue green. There was another couple picnicking by the side so we shed sandals and plunged ankle, then knee deep into icy water. There was a lovely wedge shaped rock slightly warmed by the sun that we sat on. I climbed down below it, slipping a few times on the rocks, and sat fascinated by smooth pools that were carved out of the rock and the foamy froth the rapids turned up.
After we ate we took pictures and Hannah and I climbed over to the rock ledge near the base of the falls. My capris were rolled up over my knees but the hem was still soaked. We scrambled up and stood with frozen toes with the spray behind us. Trent came over and teased about throwing Hannah in. Then we climbed down and slid back into the water to get to shore. Trent laughed when I slipped and we broke out in a brief and frigid splashing war. Slightly soaked we all climbed back up to the car and Trent found a gas station off the beaten path. Thus refueled we went onwards.
He pulled off the side of the road eventually and with much giggling dire threats we changed into bathing suits and headed to the falls. The first place we went was called Cathedral rock. It was lovely and according to Trent has wonderful natural waterslides. There in became a problem. I’m blind when I swim. My eyes are nearing legal blindness with out my glasses and I rarely wear contacts. I was quite apprehensive about blindly (literally) jumping into one of these slides with out knowing where I would end up going. After some back and forth over it we decided to head up stream to another fall with a milder slide. Walking was interesting, slippery rocks you can only kind of see… but when we got to the pool it was fed by two falls. I waded in to my hips then a bit higher. The water was warmer then at Sumey Cove but not by much. We splashed around and made Trent get in the water. After all of the teasing before now he decided it was too cold. Since Hannah and I had already gone in that wasn’t going to fly. It was lovely, freezing and glorious. The sun just hung over the falls and there was a tiny island of mud, grass, and strawberries that we took our pictures on.
Afterwards we tracked back up to the car and Trent lead us off again. We saw his Great grandmothers house, the graveyard where many of his kin were buried, and the cabin that one of his ancestors had built. Then he took us back to Brevard to purchase lasagna fixings and Hannah and I came back and cooked. (She cooked I made the garlic bread.)
There are grand schemes now to get out some gorgeous dresses and some pioneer style clothing and do a photo shoot at the falls and at the cabin. We scheme. Lovely and so very tiring.


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