Aug. 8th, 2005 01:05 pm
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I bought some cream colored cotton and some light olive brocade on sale and have been attemption to dye them both a darker green. So far I used two packets of rit dark green, a splash of gold, royal blue and black. Now the fabric is definatly green but not the shade I was hoping for... So I'm trying a second dye bath of royal blue and gold with a bit of black and browns to deepen it... I have a hard time getting Rit to do anything but gold colors....
On the done list is one tunic for Josh, complete with nifty trimmings, 1 cream shirt lacking sleeves color and finishing, 3 pair of wrap pants cut and pending construction, Massive amounts of fabric pulled together, pretty much everything from my stash that doesn't have a dedicated purpose yet. I figure if nothing else I can churn out wrap pants and t tunics at the 7 day event if people need costuming, and cloaks. I'm bringing the machine down. IF I make even 20 bucks I can put it towards the "Cloth my wedding party" fund... which is becoming big.
After this game and a dress I'm doing for Julie, my sewing list is
1. White shirt, fantasy based sleeveless tunic in red with gold trim, black cloak, black pants not wrap pants for Brian.
2. Brown shirt, Green doublet with forest motif, brown pants and possibly a hat for Steve.
3. Kilt and shirt for Scotty.
4. Find wool, then kilt and shirt for Justin (find out if he wants the faire type kilt or a more tailored one)
5. Blue grey dress for Twin (To be done arround thanksgiving so we can measure)
6. Something for Matthew probably tunic and pants.
7. Possible Henry the eigth doblet for my father in law.
8. Somethign appropriate fro my Mother, Father, Josh's Mother, Jeremy and Stephen, if they want to dress up.
9. A dress for Tazzy if she lets me make her one.
10. My dress
11. Josh's tunic and pants
12. "Tapestry banners" to cover the walls.
That that will take me 10 montsh to do? eeak! Besides my dress and Josh's I put the most elaborate in the begining but i want to have 1-5 done by December and 6-9 by January or Febuary. In January I'm getting a new double made of me so I can adjust the pattern to my figure and I want to have the final pattern for the trim outlined and prepared. By the edn of Febuary I want the mantle to be done (no fitting so that should go quickly) have the dress constructed and the tunic/ pants and be working on the trimmings head peices and jewelry...
erm yeah.... I'm nuts.
EDIT: The shirt is done not except for a button and llop, a hem and two long straing seams... the fabric is now w slightly deeper green.... Must get more dye


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