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Life is a long road, the mystic wood elves say
And even though I'm human I have often felt that way
My first memories are traveling, the creak of the wagons springs
no matter how old I get with the Spring I spread my wings

I don't remember how i got there, but a city was my start
Mumping for my coppers and forking the easy mark
I found a dab damber and was a member of his flock
Twas a fair hand as a nabber and a dubber with a lock

One day I made and error and caught the eye of a nabbing cull
For once I was all honest and there was nothing I had stole
I left the markets as a flasher with a song ringing in my head
The first place I found was Ashton and it nearly made me dead

I never called a place home, I winter where I can
Travel till I'm dead, that's always been my plan
They tell me something happened late one April night
That I chose to not remember that portion of my life

I don't know what now awaits me on this latest market day
I would take a wager it involves those Vishonrae
Don't matter I will great them with a blade sharp and keen
I'll live to sing again, for I am the Baneshee queen!
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I spoke to my ENT yesterday and got a clean bill of health. Woot. Vargus plans are forthcoming if the finances permit. Stupid med bills. And now I present Koren, who has been in my head longer then I care to imagine. Read more... )


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