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So recently the cats have been fighting a lot, and we figured out that one of the reasons was that Blair, being the greedy gut that he is, was eating all of Max's share of the food. This would not do. So I started feeding Max separately, but Blair would mosey over and eat at Max's food bowl too. Max won't eat all at once, he likes to browse, so we couldn't shut him away while eating. I was at wits end and the boys were at each others throats. Then I hit on the idea of sticking the food in Max's laundry basket. That cat loves just lying in empty laundry baskets. This one had been in our dining room for a while. Max hopped right in and started eating. Blair looked forlornly through the side and pawed at the slats. Max hopped out and went on his way. Now Blair can physically jump into this basket. But somehow he hasn't figured that out yet. And I am not going to tell him!

Today Ian came over to print some forms off and he brought Lucille. While he was tinkering about on the computer I got Luci all to myself! Glee! She was hungry so I got her situated upstairs with a jar of oatmeal and pear puree. The cats were fascinated. Both of them crouched at the kitchen door while I sat of the floor and fed the baby. Blair came in first all whiny and emo. "Mom, your pay attention to something other then me. You still love ME right?" Max finally overcame enough fear to come in the door but he wouldn't get close to Luci. He followed us around though up and down the stairs. They are both now vaguely reassured that the strange alien creeping thing is gone.
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