Nov. 4th, 2009

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This last weekend was my last Vargus game as plot. There was one particular thing that didn't get completed and so I will make an appearance to play that part, complete that plot. I don't think it will take more then a few hours. There were moments of beauty, horror was a theme of the event and I believe we scared and creeped out many of the players. There was sadness. There was some of the illustration of why I left. We had NPC's, miraculously. Scott was half non com due to breaking fingers, Josh's back was acting up again, and I strained my wrist in the second major combat of the night. It was tender the rest of the event although I did keep fighting.
I do think my favorite moment was just sneaking about the sleeping people and leaving the fake spiders, rats, severed ears and other creepy bits on people's pillows with out them waking up. Ninja 'Nise.

This weekend Josh and I are having a real date, lunch at my favorite restaurant and then the Transiberian orchestra. I need to get the house back together, finish up the garden and take out a few hedges in preparation for spring. There are boxes to haul back to the attic. I've packed up most of my costumes but I need to get another tote for the last of them. Hopefully once things are out of the way I can finish a serious clean up of the kitchen. I won't have time to pull the wall paper down before Thanksgiving but I am hoping to paint the stripes on the dining room walls and pull up the carpets. Then there is painting in the hall.... I might try to squeeze that in before the holiday. We are hosting again. The invite (please RSVP though so we have enough food) for anyone who needs a safe place to celebrate is still open. Right now we are sitting at about 10-12 people coming out. In between then and now I have a kinda date (we'll see what happens) with a friend down south. I've got a Christmas party, a shopping day with some of my girlfriends, my birthday and our first annual Beucler/Smith new years blow out, complete with home brewed ciders and meads, his amazing cooking, my amazing sugary treats and geeky goodness. January is blissfully empty right now. I think I will keep it that way. There is a lot of things to get done if we are going to try and start a family.

I guess summation: A lot of relief that it is over. Some sadness for the bits that I loved, some anger still... all that shall fade in time. And my next few months will full. This is a new chapter in my life. I am going to embrace it.


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